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“Sometimes I’ll hear something when I get my food and everyone else is eating meat, but that’s about it,” he says.Advocates of the vegan diet maintain that athletic performance can be maintained, and perhaps enhanced, with a diet free of any animal products.

Consequently, the side effect of the standard meat and dairy diet is a high acidic blood p H that could result in inflammation and impair recovery.

Vegans, especially those that are traveling athletes, may have to work harder to find a variety of good sources of plant protein to make sure they get all the essential amino acids.

"To ensure they are getting the right quality of protein, vegans need to eat a variety of plant foods to get a variety of the amino acids needed to build muscles,” says Clark.

In terms of start percentages, his highest start percentage is 87.77% and lowest is 43.96%.

The Denver Nuggets forward is off to a red-hot start this season, averaging 18.3 points and 7.7 rebounds, both career highs.

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In an effort to stay on the court—and out of the training room—Chandler’s injury struggles led him to look for solutions in an unusual spot: the kitchen.

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