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Numerous individuals, including three members of the convicting jury, expressed concern over evidence that was not presented during the trial.On August 24, 2005, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals turned down a motion for a stay of execution.The deputy found the bodies of the three victims inside the apartment. Newton and her cousin were at the location when the deputy arrived.A ballistics expert established that the pistol was the murder weapon.A forensics expert for the State established that nitrites were present on the skirt Newton wore on the day of the shootings.In the experts opinion, the nitrites came from gunpowder residue and were consistent with someone shooting a pistol in the lower front area of the skirt.Psychologist Charles Covert testified at Newtons trial that based on a hypothetical scenario paralleling the facts in Newtons case, there is a probability such a person would commit violent acts constituting a threat to society.

Two hours before her first scheduled execution on December 1, 2004, Texas Governor Rick Perry granted a 120-day reprieve to allow more time to test forensic evidence in the case.

Newton and her cousin were at the location when the deputy arrived.

Earlier in the evening, Newton took a blue bag out of her car and put it in an abandoned house which belonged to her parents.

At the time, the Newtons were having marital problems.

Although they lived together, they were both dating other people.

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