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The article points out, believe it or not, that there is a travel-related resource which caters to registered sexual offenders called Resources for RSO Travels, which published a blog post Can Registered Sex Offenders Go on a Cruise?The article answers its own question, writing "the answer is YES! here are the two cruise lines that are notoriously known for denying registered sex offenders: Royal Caribbean and Carnival.Some men go on cruises for the primary purpose of abusing children.A couple of years ago, I wrote about a 71 year old man from Pennsylvania (photo left) who cruised on the Royal Caribbean and went went into the cruise ship's water zone and fondled a 6-year-old boy.Yes, I realize that all sexual offenders are not pedophiles or technically "sexual predators" (who by definition must have been convicted of a first degree sexual crime or multiple lesser sexual crimes).But it is a step in the right direction for cruise lines to perform background checks on passengers to screen out such people convicted of sexual crimes.Over the years, I have received many questions from people wanting to go on a cruise asking whether registered sexual offenders are allowed to cruise. They claim that a "friend" is thinking of going on a cruise.

Is there a problem of registered offenders on Halloweeen? There is not one offense anywhere by a previously convicted offender who preyed on children during Halloween.

The bottom line is that there is no law to my knowledge prohibiting sexual offenders from cruising.

Even if there were such a law, our federal government does a poor job vetting passenger manifests and probably would not find out until after the cruise ship leaves port. countires without sexual offender databases cannot be screened). I wonder why on Earth Disney isn't on the list of cruise ship companies that ban registered sex offenders - you would think they would be first on that list!

The lawyer even admits there is no problem with registered offenders on board cruise lines, as he has handled over 100 cases of sex crimes on ships and not a one was a registered offender.

This is the problem, I am systematically isolated from the community based upon a vague possibility there could be a danger, or because someone committed a crime.

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