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he Church is protesting that there should be an exemption from this provision to allow priest confessors to comply with its ‘seal of confession’, a church-made law.This protest comes from a church which has been shown, not only in Australia but throughout the world, to have failed to protect children from sexual abusers, indeed to have chosen to protect those abusers rather than vulnerable children.

“nd it is up to Prime Minister Turnbull to lead the way ,” Mr Sullivan said .

It was fortuitous, perhaps even providential, that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse published its Final Report just days before Christmas, for its many volumes contain one very simple and powerful message: Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council writes in the National Catholic Reporter that this Royal Commission confirms previous reports that cite the lack of accountability and transparency within the church's culture, the propensity for clericalism to create a self-protective caste where power and privilege are the operating principles for addressing conflict and personal promotion, and, finally, where the image of the institution meant more than the welfare of children...s a younger man he was hailed for his courageous positions on desegregation and civil rights and his pastoral leadership of one of the poorest communities in the U. South, but his legacy is marred by his role in the cover-up and the persistence of the church’s sexual abuse crisis and the suffering it engendered.

That scandal, smoldering for years, exploded into national view in Boston in 2002 after 18 years of Cardinal Bernard Law’s leadership.

he Commission’s Criminal Justice Report in August 2017, proposed that people in institutions who ‘know, suspect or should have suspected’ that a child is being sexually abused and fail to act should face criminal charges.

The Royal Commission, after thoroughly documented discernment, has decided that Catholic priests who know that a sexual predator is at large in the community should not be exempted from this requirement to report.

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  1. The latter is usually the more difficult one to proof, as many children do show some mental level of ‘adulthood’ as early as age 15, and are generally perceived more responsible than younger kids.