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Sometimes even man himself must evolve whether he acknowledges it or not, yet when a strain of alien origins enters the mix.

Sometimes evolution has a way of creating an unknown strain just to survive.

You don't need to know MTG to read; all will be explained here. Evolution has ways of having any organism survive the world that is it's environment, sometimes anomalies occur even when everything that has been studied and an organism adapts.

There are various exceptions, animated shows can go from 13 episodes to well over 40 episodes.

With such a vicious market, the ability to reach the episode mark is a rare and coveted thing.

What if certain retired keyblade master was on shinji's world after the event of 2.0 and take pity on the boy.

He sends shinji to the key master eraqus to learns the way of the keyblade and especially of his heart. Andy Barclay arrives at Harrogate to save Nica Pierce, only to find out that Chucky was never there to begin with.

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)10) Lilo and Stitch (both the movies and television series)11) Inu-Yasha12) s-CRY-ed13) Gargoyles14) Disturbed15) Linkin Park16) Spirited Away17) Howl's Moving Castle18) The Critic19) Ben 1020) Godzilla: The Series21) My Sister's Keeper22) Witchblade (the comics, the television series and the anime! 25) Let the Right One In/Let Me In26) I Dream of Jeannie27) Ultraman28) Aki Sora29) Iron Man30) The Incredible Hulk31) Thor32) Captain American33) Ghost Rider34) Batman: The Animated Series35) Birds of Prey36) Teknoman37) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe38) Fantastic Four39) The Avengers40) Hentai cartoons41) Gerald Levert42) Superman: The Animated Series43) The Batman44) Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises45) Carrie46) Battle Royale47) Tomorrow Never Dies48) Scooby-Doo49) X-Men50) Spider-Man (Raimi series)51) Batman Beyond52) Justice League53) Transformers54) Resident Evil55) Gamera films56) Beyblade57) Key the Metal Idol58) The Fast and the Furious59) Godzilla films60) Runaways61) Yu-Gi-Oh!

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