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The two software unlocking solutions for the i Phone that are currently available are Ultra Sn0w and Black Sn0w.Ultra Sn0w was developed by a group of developers by the name of the i Phone Dev-Team, where Black Sn0w was developed by an individual by the name of Geohot.When you purchase one of these special passthrough cards you will be required to place it between your SIM card and the baseband hardware (it essentially sits on top of your SIM card).In order to maintain this sort of unlock you must always keep the card between your SIM card and baseband hardware.The Passthrough card/SIM Interposer method is indeed better because it supports newer generations of the i Phone and newer baseband versions, but it isn’t always compatible with new i OS firmware versions.If you can afford it the obvious winner here is the IMEI unlock as it is not limited to specific baseband or i OS versions.Unfortunately software i Phone unlocking solutions are no longer compatible with newer i Phone generations or baseband versions.

Essentially you have three options when it comes to unlocking your i Phone.

This method of unlocking has become more popular because it supports newer baseband versions.

Example’s of companies who create such passthrough cards include .

Although this method of unlocking the i Phone is more expensive than buying a passthrough card/SIM interposer (it will run you anywhere from to 0), it is more convenient.

When you IMEI unlock your i Phone it is unlocked for forever and you can update to new i OS versions, without worrying whether it will effect your unlock or not.

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