Updating display in a form

A Profile can be used to collect information from your constituents.Profiles can be displayed on standalone pages, or embedded into contribution, membership sign-up, and/or event registration pages. You can also choose required fields and add text in the Profile that will help users fill out the form.

For example, after an event, you may have an attendance list, and you want to mark everyone who registered as Attended or No-show accordingly.They can be used both internally (e.g., to create simplified data entry screens for staff) and externally (to display up-to-date information in from database).You can add any core and custom fields to a profile, including multi-value custom fields.This saves time, because you only have to enter information in your database, rather than in your database on your website.For example, a membership-based organisation can provide a searchable membership directory on their website that is updated as soon as a new member joins.

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