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To keep it as low-maintenance as possible, visit the deli section of your local grocery store for chicken fingers, potato salad, and other ready-made eats packaged in disposable containers - this way, the cooking and clean-up are pretty much taken care of! Or try flying a kite - they're only five or six dollars at Walmart, and are insanely easy to assemble. Whether you own a pet, babysit a parent or a neighbor's dog, or adopt one for a day from a local animal sanctuary, summers are practically made for taking pups on long, social walks.Another way to keep a picnic easy and delicious is to pick up sushi or sandwiches to go from your favorite restaurant. Having an animal friend to take care of, even for a couple of hours, will help you and your favorite guy (or gal! A jogging trail would be a fun place to take a dog, but a dog park, outdoor shopping center concert, a pier or boardwark, or even a stroll around the neighborhood would be awesome as well. Craft brews are super "in" right now, and many mid-sized cities are capitalizing on this trend by hosting weekly or monthly beer or wine tasting events.Grab a snow cone or a burger afterwards and discuss your favorite parts of the film.5. Okay, so I know this sounds a little cheesy, but it's one of my favorite date ideas for summer.I remember being in ninth grade fantasizing about frolicking at the zoo with the JV quarterback, holding hands and naughtily sharing an ice cream cone.Plus, I genuinely enjoy learning about the complex flavors and fermenting processes for different wines and beers - it makes me feel sophisticated and knowledgeable!Another cool thing about these tastings is that you are supporting small artisan businesses in your area.Just remember to bring bug spray if you're going to a play near the water - mosquitoes always seem to be extra active there.7. I used to roll my eyes and gag every time I saw a couple holding hands as they longboarded or rollerbladed together on my neighborhood jogging trail.

The rad excuse to wear a baseball cap isn't too shabby either.

There are usually other college students home for the summer, or new to your hometown for internships.

And something about that warm weather makes me feel frisky and adventurous!

Over the summer, several big-name movie theater chains mix up their usual programming to include big-screen showings of classic movies, like .

Check out small, historic theaters in your area, too.

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