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He then proceeded with Pont-Gravé to explore the St.

Lawrence as far as Sault Saint Louis, and gathered from the natives such information as he could concerning Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the Detroit river, Niagara Falls, and the rapids of the St. The next year he followed the fortunes of de Monts' expedition in Acadia, as geographer and historian.

It was during this expedition that Champlain discovered the lake which still bears his name.

On his visit to France in 1610 he married Hélène Boullé, then a girl only twelve years of age.

Champlain published the following works: "Bref discours des choses plus remarquables que Samuel Champlain de Brouage a reconnues aux Indes Occidentales" (1598); "Des sauvages: ou voyage de Sieur de Champlain faite en l'an 1603" (Paris, s.d.); "Les Voyages du Sieur du Champlain Xainctongeois, 1604-1613" (Paris, 1613); "Voyages et Descouvertures faites en la Nouvelle-France, depuis l'année 1615 jusques à la fin de l'année 1618. A., professeur d'Histoire a la Faculte des arts et Bibliothécaire de l'Université" (2d ed., Quebec, 1870).

Par le Sieur de Champlain" (Paris, 1619); "Les Voyages de la Nouvelle France Occidentale, dicte Canada, faits par le Sieur de Champlain Xainctongeois, depuis l'an 1603 jusques en l'annee 1629" (Paris, 1632); "Traité de la marine et du devoir d'un bon marinier. In 1870 the Abbé Laverdière edited the works of Champlain in six volumes under the title of "Oeuvres de Champlain publiees sous le patronage de l'Universite Laval, par l'Abbé C. While the work was in the press the plates were destroyed by fire and only the proof sheets were saved.

According to the marriage settlement the young wife remained with her parents for two years.

When about twenty years of age he tendered his services to the Ambrose Maréchal d'Aumont, one of the chief commanders of the Catholic army in the expeditions against the Huguenots.

Laurence." Crossing Lake Ontario they penetrated the woods and passed over the River Chouagen or Oswego.

This journey had occupied five weeks, and the expedition had endured many hardships before meeting the enemy.

The career of a soldier did not appeal to the youth, whose ambition was to become a navigator.

"Navigation", he wrote, has always seemed to me to occupy the first place. which led me to explore the coasts of a portion of America, especially those of New France, where I have always desired to see the lily flourish, together with the only religioncatholic, Apostolic and Roman.

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