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In 1940, Brush required some small electric tractor units, but as none were commercially available, they asked AE Morrison and Sons to produce a design for one.Morrisons produced a 3-wheeled design, which Brush then used to manufacture a number of units for internal use.They were once common in many European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, and were operated by local dairies.However, in recent years, as the number of supermarkets, small independent grocers and petrol stations, and convenience stores stocking fresh milk has increased, many people have switched from regular home delivery to obtaining fresh milk from these other sources.All of their road vehicles were sold through the motor trade, in order to achieve a good standard of after-sales service.By 1969, Brush were owned by the Hawker Siddeley group, which also owned half of Morrison-Electricars, and manufacture of Brush electric vehicles moved to the newly established Morrison factory at Tredegar.It is not clear what research the association had undertaken into the quantity of electric vehicles of other countries, but closer inspection disclosed that almost all of the battery driven vehicles licensed for UK road use were milk floats.Glasgow has one of the largest working milk float fleets in the UK.

While there was previously an exemption in the law meaning those making local deliveries were not required to wear a seat belt, which would in theory have included drivers and passengers in milk floats with seat belts fitted, the law was changed in 2005 to deliveries less than 50 metres (160 ft) apart.Included in the sale was the Graiseley marque, and this was used for a range of three-wheeled battery-electric pedestrian controlled milk trucks.They soon found that they could sell into other industries as well.Between 19, the company sold a large number of Graiseley PCVs to United Dairies, Harbilt electric vehicles were initially produced by the Market Harborough Construction Company, which was formed in 1935 as a manufacturer of aircraft components.After the end of the Second World War, they diversified, and electric vehicles were a part of their new product range.

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