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Despite the business exporting around 10% of its products overseas, owner Paul Truslove sees the UK market as driving the continued rapid growth of Jarvis Tech. Scott Dunn Based in Chichester, Scott Dunn is a specialist tour operator, creating tailor-made holidays in luxury chalets, villas and hotels. Pets Corner Pets Corner’s growth shows no signs of slowing down as they are currently opening one new store every three weeks.

With a mix of strategically placed high street stores and garden centre sites, they have grown to 94 stores across the UK.

Companies do not enter themselves into the awards or pay a fee and were approached by the awards partners.

After counting down the highest growth companies last week, we present the full list below. Kingscote Rojay From what began as a small import agent in Gatwick in 1993, Kingscote Rojay has grown into an international business primarily operating as a freight forwarder.

Turnover must be at least £1 million in the base year, the company must be profitable and it must not be quoted.

Growth figures are based on a three-year period with all information based on records filed with Companies House.

SAS has been awarded ‘BT Business Partner of the Year’ for a record four consecutive years. South Coast Nursing Homes Founded by the Colville family in 1959, South Coast Nursing Homes is still very much a family-run business and operates eight homes throughout Sussex.

Growth in that part of the business has fuelled diversification into new areas, including video telestreaming services for the media industry, as well as providing video forensic software to the police.

Pureprint Group is Carbon Neutral® and received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2003, 20. Birch Grove Birch Grove is a privately-owned residential care home, caring for elderly people in the Brighton area. TFC Europe Leading technical fasteners supplier TFC is well known for quality, service and technical support and has an exclusive distribution agreement in the UK and Germany with US Manufacturer Smalley.

TFC boasts 3,000 customers worldwide and its mission is to help its customers by supplying innovative products and services.

Running a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year operation from their headquarters close to Gatwick, alongside other facilities in Florida and Singapore, Casco specialises in providing low cost component support solutions and has the technical and commercial experience to procure spares from donor aircraft to support the aftermarket supply chain. tlm NEXUS tlm NEXUS provides bespoke web-based software solutions that help clients share information and knowledge more effectively, improving productivity and service delivery.

The business evolved in 2007 when TLM Solutions merged with its software partner Nexus Internet Solutions to form tlm NEXUS Ltd.

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