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Hendy, Superintendent, elicited well-merited enconiums.

But all these things tend in one direction, to teach the unworkable nature of the business as one that can be legitimately conducted. His army in Egypt is the first, I believe, who ever carried tea in their bottles to assault an entrenched camp. on the nervous system by a free consumption of cigarettes are more marked and characlcrittic than those recognisable after re- course to other modes of smoking.

It is a cheering sijn of the times that throughout England, where Sunday Closing is yet a thing of the future, there are evident signs that the drink traffic is flagging, and in some places well nigh languishing.

HARRISON COLLECTION OF NINETEENTH CENTURY BRITISH SOCIAL HISTORY Quarto HV 5449 . And in many instances, where brewers own the houses, the publicans are bound to adopt whatever 'plan their brewers choose to suggest.

This is largely due to the modern growth of Temperance sentiment, although it must be noted that for many years the proprietary system has worked very disastrously for the tenants of public-houses. There has been no sign in that quarter of diminished resources. Pad Hiugton, who is shortly coming to York for some time.

But apart from the poverty aud misery of the drinkers' homes, out of which the brewers' wealth has sprung, many a thousand small capitalist has been induced to embark his all, often the steady saving of any years, in the purchase of the fixtures and goodwill of a licensed house, and that capital hos soon besn run through and lost while the brewers have still grown rich. He has managed to get into his clothes for the first time in three weeks, but cannot stand or walk. The next meeting will be held on October 16, when all will be welcome.

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