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He is cautious, full of hurt and anger, and nothing like the Henry Hart he knew.

Frequent exposure to violence in the home not only predisposes children to numerous social and physical problems, but also teaches them that violence is a normal way of life - therefore, increasing their risk of becoming society's next generation of victims and abusers.

Some of the most common misconceptions include: Myth: A woman, through her actions or behaviors, provokes the violence.

Fact: The use of violence has little to do with the woman’s behavior and everything to do with her partner’s need to control others, his choice to use physical force, his own attitudes and expectations about male/female roles, and the lack of negative consequences he experiences from his use of violence.

It's been twenty years since Captain Man left Swellview.

In his place, from the role of a side-kick to super hero, rose Captain Danger, the most well-known superhero in the whole world.

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