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l hope Kim So-eun will comeback with much better drama this year. l'm a big fan of Liar Game (jpn), and watching the kor ver really broke my heart. Hi..saw each other in Istanbul in Topkapi museum & take photos together I guess you can't remember I'm Iranian if you want, I can send you the photo....

Recently, I saw oh yeon seo in comeback mister and I just realized that she's so beautiful in the drama. I can't think of any other korean actress who can equal her comedic timing. I think Shine or Go Crazy is her best ( bec of the romance aspect). i've first seen Miss yeon-seo in drama medical top team she was so cute and sweet on that drama.. the please comeback mister is great and fun to watch. im more fond to watch the JANG BO-RI IS HERE im not surprised that it rated to no.1 in seoul and to whole south korea.

She made me cried a lot on her drama scenes as well as laugh like no tommorow. i'm looking forward for your more upcoming dramas to make. hope she keep try different and unique character in future drama...

I saw her in baby face beauty because of Jang nara but I ddnt notice her yet, but come back mister makes her talent to come out. Comeback Mister, Shine or go crazy, Jang Bo Ri is here, Medical Top Team, Here Comes Mr Oh, My Husband Got A Family, i have watched all of them. Oh haetnim/Yeon Seo~ may god bless you and ur career.

even if you pick a petite body and not too high , I still like you . so eun noona I will still be left waiting dang watch all your drama . I really hope you and kim bum can be a real life couple but it turns out he is going out with Moon Geun-young . you're verrrrrrrrrrrrrry doctor you had a cute,sweet and beautiful character.i'am a big fan of are the prettiest character in HD so much byyyyyyyee.i'am from sri lanka......................................

possible to forward my hope for you is that you can play drama with kim soo hyun or song joong ki . bye :) see you later You were my favorite character in Boys over flowers. (: kim so eun you are so beautiful.....i like you and kim bum..are sweet couple...please make many movies with kim bum.......are my ido....are so cute beatiful and gorgeous......i hope i can see you in person .and kim bum...... The staffs were so angry and wanted to make a big fuss out of it.

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