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Kondratieff proved that economies act just like waves in the physical world. What Kondratieff called “The Long Wave” — which was later named “The K‑Wave” in his honor — shows the changing cycles of private and public influence in the economy. Because even governments must obey the laws of economics. According to Kondratieff, the K‑Wave has a frequency of 47 to 64 years. But you can also see the of those waves: The panic of 1819. Which could last as long as 23 years and include seismic shifts in the fabric of society.Like radio waves, they have phases, amplitudes, and frequencies. During the private cycle, free enterprise leads to increasing growth and prosperity. Eventually, the wave reaches a crest and begins to collapse in on itself. And the most basic law is this: This is how Kondratieff knew that communism in the Soviet Union would be replaced by capitalism. And if you look back through history, you’ll see how accurate the K‑Wave is: From crest to crest, you can see the dawn of the industrial revolution. Of course, you could write this off as the hare-brained theory of one mad Russian scientist. Over the years, other economists have confirmed his theories.As my professional mentor and personal friend of 15 years, Larry passed the torch to me to preserve his legacy.

Enjoying their 35-hour work week mandatory month-long vacations, and free health care … The tectonic plates which have held the EU together for 40 years are starting to show cracks and fissures.He said the housing crisis would take the stock market and the entire U. Like the time he said the Dow Jones would soon cross 20,000 on its way to 32,000 by 2018. But first I have to give you some sad news: Larry Edelson passed away recently.I thought the reporter would spit out his coffee when he heard Larry say that! His death came as a shock to his friends, family, the global financial community, and Larry’s thousands of avid fans across the world. But typical of Larry, he knew what was coming ahead of time and he planned ahead for it.Armstrong’s cycle predicts that a major financial panic takes place every 8.6 years, or 3,141 days.If the number 3,141 looks familiar to you, by the way, put a decimal point where the comma is and you’ll recognize it as “pi.” Which you may recall from your high-school geometry is the number that determines the diameter of a circle.

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