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Tim’s show, High Fidelity airs from 8pm to 10pm every Friday on Radio 1 91.9 FM, a community station.

Tim plays what he calls a mix of rare groove and bossabeat, and also keeps English-speaking people in the city informed about what’s going on.

With i Pods and the Internet, the radio has become less necessary as a source of music.

However, there is something about tuning into a regular show, such as personality of the presenter, the chance of hearing rare recordings or performances, to share opinions, find out what’s happening in our local area and the feeling of being part of some broader community of listeners. The answer to that question depends on whether you’re interested in music or discussion.

Kotel, literary ‘boiler’, is the slang for mosh pit.) You can send music tips during the show to the host Honza ‘Metal’ Hamerník by SMS: 724 58 58 58, or e-mail [email protected]

For him, cities like Soweto and Beirut are at “the forefront of modern music.” He thinks, “The future of alternative music is not the First World.” If you miss the show, you can catch it on the archive on the Jukebox.If you prefer commercial pop, this would be the place to start.Radio Bonton 99.7 FM is another option for pop music aficionados.Český rozhlas also offers music beyond the main forms of contemporary music.Radio Vltava 105 FM has many shows on jazz and classical music, including live performances.

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