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On the plus side, you develop strong core muscles from relying on gravity to keep you upright. You will occasionally be patted on the head, even over the age of 30. You can’t even physically climb up onto said bar stool without assistance. Stick to the edges like a wall flower, even when repeatedly asked to move down the carriage. Trainers and ski gear will be a third of the price because you can shop the junior range. For the most part, you will look like a teenage boy. You still get to enjoy that childlike excitement when sitting in a theatre/ cinema/ plane seat because your feet will dangle unanchored and your legs will swing with abandonment. You’re always ushered to the front in group photographs. You will never perch gracefully on a bar stool like they do in the movies. Psychologists from the University of Rochester showed men a series of photographs featuring women framed in a boarder of red or white and asked: "How pretty do you think this person is?" In the second part of researchers showed the same picture only the woman’s shirt was colored either red or blue and asked the men: "Imagine that you are going on a date with this person and have 0 in your wallet.

Party times are calling – find your go-to glam dress right here.and have most likely moaned once in our lifetime about being short.Whether it be in business, such as a networking event with tall men towering over you that causes loss of self confidence, or in your own home, where you cannot reach your kitchen shelves that causes frustration, we have all wished for that extra centimetre of growth in height. Your partner will always have a soft spot for you and even your boss may let you off for being late too often.On the other hand, a survey of 1,800 male Zoosk users revealed that men were less likely to message a woman with colored or dark makeup because they don’t “look” natural.A woman’s body is an important part of her quest for an ideal match, specifically the ratio of the circumference of her waist to that of her hips, also known as waist-to-hip ratio.

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Surprisingly, a women’s responsiveness increased a man’s perception of attractiveness as well as their sexual arousal.

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