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This comparison of terms has important implications.

There is a network of shared, strikingly unusual terms between the exegetical works and the Rules, such as permutations of the word "," the "Man of the Lie," the "Interpreter of the Torah," and "Kittim," along with other, more generic terms like "sons of light," Belial," and "lot." This network is evidence for a core of sectarian terminology and theology shared by the various sectarian texts, despite their undeniable differences.

The following table shows all the Qumran-related samples that were tested by Zurich (Z), Tucson (T) and Libby (L).

The column headed "14C Age" provides a raw age before 1950 for each sample tested.

There was also a historical test of a piece of linen performed in 1950 by Willard Libby, the inventor of the dating method.

I have not tackled the intertextual relationship of the works I've considered, apart from technical terms, nor have I even surveyed the terminology of all the sectarian texts.

For example, 4QBerakhot is a sectarian work that has overlapping material with both the Community Rule and the Damascus Document and it, as well as other documents, would need to be studied in detail to get a full picture.

Numerous copies of works in this genre survive from the Qumran library, along with others employing inspired exegesis with the same premises.

There are Pesharim to Genesis, Isaiah, many of the minor prophets, and the Psalms.

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