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I will try and specify since I have a Kindle & Nook Color where I buy my books.By the way, Incidental Happenstance I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!Who would have thunk there were so many rock star books. Adams Primal Song (Cajun Heat, Book One) by Danica Avet Under His Skin by Sidney Bristol Fallen Star Trouble by Autumn Piper Marry Me by Karen Stivali The Reunion (Glam Metal) by Anna Daly-Mc Cabe Homeward Bound by Kat Attalla Here the last of them.We’ll all be in a retirement home by the time we finish all these books. I’ll still keep my eye out for more, it was actually fun. 5 stars, couldn’t get it out of my head – lived it for months after finishing and it almost ruined me for any future rock star romance books! Talking about Kellan Kyle, I just finished Avoiding Commitment by KA Linde. Look over these, you may not want them all, but a lot of them look good.Jamison – new one that is out and follow-up on Rylie’s story Law of Averages- Wylie Kinson- Rock Star Hero More than Words- Karla Doyle- Guitar playing hero/tattoed HOT!The Con- Karri Justina Shea- new one I found on Amazon That Girl’s The One I Love- Alana Lorens- Rock Star hero Wildside- Laurie Lonsdale – not sure if you have on list or not Dream in Color- Sarah J. His Voice, His Song, His Lure- Riley Steele A Different Path- Lynn La Fleur The Songwriter- Brooke Adams Three Days with Molly- Jan Romes Perfect Cadence- Nikki Soarde Rockstar- Rebekah Mc Coy Okay I hope no duplicates I’m sure I have more and YES I have read over 85% of the list you provided I’m so addicted to Rock Star Romances!Well worth the read by a new Indie Author Alright I really have to get back to work but here’s a few more that I have to share: Songs In The key of J- Helen Mc Nicol Sullys (Book 1 in Love Songs Series)- Hannah Hallmark Lost Without Each Other- NE Sully The Song Remains- Karla Bearse Open Doors- Andie Fredricks Metal Urge- ED Wilbourn Shames Ballad- Susan Landers Rhythms of Love- Annie Rife In Perfect Harmony- Samantha O’Hare A Plane Proposal- Emjae Edwards No Particular Place to Go- Anya Somers A Different Kind of Forever- Dee Ernst The Distant Shore (Stone Trilogy)- Mariam Kobras Silent Song- Ron C.

It’s an erotic novella about a rock star and his ex-fling that get caught in a hurricane together. Here are a few more Everything But (Tangled Web)- Jade C.I already pre-ordered Double Time by Olivia Cunning only been waiting like FOREVER for that to come out!I also had purchased the ones you last added to the list. I start reading Olivia Cunning’s books as soon as they go live, then I’m done in a day or an all night readfest and have to wait FOREVER for the next one.Chronicle #5, Book of Days, is also an ebook in both nook and Kindle, and the rest will be following shortly. They’re a coming of age series wrapped around mysteries, but at their core, they’re a long evolving love story. Lucy Lou, I read Devoured by Emily Snow (rock star romance and first in series)!The protagonists are adults, and think and feel like adults within the muffling, surreal world of rock stardom. I have eighteen published novels out, and the Kinkaids are far and away the books of my heart. Oh, and my narrator, JP Kinkaid, has my long-ago ex’s voice: Nicky Hopkins. * Sigh* Anyway, almost finished with “Reflected In You” by Sylvia Day, and realized you might want to add it to the list because of the cameo appearance of Brett Kline, the rock star still in love with Eva. It came out today and available at Amazon and B&N .99. Angtsy I had an ARC copy from the author and I’m telling you it is worth the read!!!!

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