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Most experts agree that two or three areas for development are enough for anyone to work on.Working on a laundry list of things to change is frustrating and futile. When identifying areas for development, the coachee may not have identified the one that you thought was most important.The Coaching Model is based on several important principles: 1.There are two primary goals to coaching: • To improve performance.

Entelechy’s Coaching Model is designed to help you do just that!Obviously, if the coachee knows what could be improved and knows how to improve it, he won’t benefit from YOU telling him!And by mentally rehearsing what he will do differently, the likelihood of him actually carrying out the improvement is increased.The Coaching Model is appropriate for developing the skills of employees if the employee is willing to improve.Coaching should not be used as a softer, gentler version of corrective action; if a performance problem occurs, you will want to use the Problem Solving model.

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