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‘Writing is a passion of mine,’ she says, ‘so when they asked me if I had ever wanted to write a book I said, “Yes, that’s my dream.” It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done so far.’ Her first novel, Girl Online, will be on sale in every English-speaking country in the world on November 25.It is all pretty impressive for a few kids who started making videos for fun in their bedrooms. Media interest in the vlogging phenomenon has tended to focus on how much the big names are worth.It is as though we want to be outraged by their success because it is such a departure from what we are accustomed to.We do not begrudge Jennifer Lawrence her million per film, but the thought that an ‘unknown’ internet personality could be earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year seems to rankle.Who is this young woman who has captured the hearts and minds of under-20s the world over?She is not a singer, actress, model or Olympic athlete.Working like any other management agency, it guides young stars as they enter the confusing world of brokering deals and partnerships.Smales says he and his team of 12 ‘talent managers’ act as facilitators, fielding approaches from companies such as Unilever, negotiating contracts, organising publicity and sorting out the logistics of the vloggers’ schedules.

In July 2015, Marcus released his first and only book, called Hello Life! Marcus has also done a radio show alongside fellow You Tuber Alfie Deyes on Radio 1.

But Gleam’s top stars now make a living as a result of their vlogging.

In fact they make more than enough to pay the bills despite it not being their primary motivation. ‘The only difference between it being my job and not being my job is that I have more time to put into it.

They are looked after by the same management company, and their relationships are intimately woven.

Thatcher Joe, real name Joe Sugg, who shares a flat with Caspar Lee, is Zoella’s younger brother. Tanya Burr is engaged to Jim Chapman, whose older sisters are behind Pixiwoo.

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