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The court’s position was perhaps not a surprise given that Turkey retains one of the highest rates of child marriage in Europe, with 15 percent of girls getting married before the age of eighteen (though, technically, such marriages are outlawed). ” Friends and family told Özkan to stay away from the case and let justice take its course or – even worse, in her view – wait until the principal simply retired. The pending criminal trial had received no attention in the Turkish press, so a few days before it commenced, Özkan contacted a journalist who writes for one of the most popular daily newspapers in Turkey.

“I still remember that scene,” Özkan says of the day she saw her former boss go free. On Father’s Day the newspaper ran an article about the principal who allegedly abused his position so he could sexually abuse children.

The girl said she was afraid to tell her teacher about the principal, and, pointing to a garden outside the school building, said Özkan would be buried there if she dared say anything herself.Still, she remains concerned that her country has a long way to go before victims of sexual abuse feel safe enough to step forward and report an offense to police without fear of stigma.“I’ll stand by them always,” Özkan says, “and hope my example, and everything I went through for justice to shine, will wake up the public.” y older sister and I were outside a hidden glass door of a hammam, a Turkish bathhouse.One morning, Özkan gathered all of her students inside her classroom to explain the difference between innocent intimacy and sexual harassment.She says she explained how maternal love, for example, is a good kind of love because it is unconditional and stems from a person you are familiar with.

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