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Just be sure to have a pretty thick face, lest it be met with a backhand slap. She might actually be a lesbian who’s delighted by your inquiry!

But of course, it may be easier for you shyer types out there to deduce, instead of outright asking. Disclaimer: Do not instantly assume that she is a lesbian.

Even if she is, never assume that she is attracted to you.

[Read: Why do guys love it when two women make out? Yes, if you think you are brave enough, then ask her straight.But remember that lesbians don’t wear these clothes like straight girls do.For example, a straight girl can wear a baseball cap and still be as straight and “homophobic” as Jessica Simpson.Yet, it is also likely that she is just an advocate of gay rights.Choice of lesbian apparel is also quite similar to straight females.

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But if she wears it snap back or sideways like Amber of Amber’s Closet does, then she maybe a lesbian.

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