Kristin stewart dating nikki reed

“I think she likes me more because I’ve never seen any of her stuff.” Now that the two are an item, we figured Mc Donald would make a point to check out the Vampire flick. “We rejected the case on Friday due to a lack of evidence,” a D. rep says “No charges will be filed.” Reportedly, Rutlers blood-alcohol level was a 0.09, though there are no official results to back it up.

GIRLS PILE UP BEHIND BARRICADES by the thousands for the chance to gaze into his brooding green eyes—and on more than one occasion, Robert Pattinson has denied requests to sink his teeth into their necks. ’ ” Anyone who hasn’t been sleeping in a coffin knows by now that Stewart eventually came around.

The couple first started dating before they tied the knot in April 2015.

Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had with [her boyfriend Robert Pattinson].

Nikki’s the most down-to-earth actress you’ll ever meet.

Reed was reported to have a falling out with Stewart in 2009 during filming of “New Moon.” Greene also auditioned to play Bella, but Stewart had the part by the time Reed joined the film.

Greene told Seventeen magazine she was concerned about Stewart’s affair might sour fans on the film because of the “taint” of her affair and he off-on relationship with Pattinson.

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