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Producers felt audiences would accept no substitutes, so the actors who created and played the black characters on radio, Freeman Gosden and Charles W. The plot works in much of the pairs trademark banter, a haunted house sequence and an early appearance by the great Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Band, who perform several numbers.

RKO-Radio Pictures knew the film had a built-in audience and funded radio broadcasts from Hollywood to keep Amos n Andy on the air during production. Check And Double Check was the studios biggest hit of the season.

The main exceptions are, of course, young Pretty Boy actors whose main purpose is to make young women squee their way to the theater.

For every Leonardo Di Caprio who makes it to the top, there are countless young studs off of The WB or The CW who don't.

Their imagery and recurring themes are often torn from the childhood of the irony-craving, internet savvy Generations X and Y. Butcher is the paleo-party horror movie of the stone-ages! Butcher is hailed as the first pre-historic slasher film!

That is, they often lampoon genre films of the 1980s. When a tribe of hot cave women impart cruel, violent justice onto one of their own and leave the dead cave girl's body tied to a tree, their fate takes a turn for the worse! Shot on brilliant 16 mm film, the movie features O. Simpson trial star Kato Kaelin, a cameo from Rodney 'The Mayor of Sunset Strip' Bingenheimer (KROQ Radio), narration by Kadeem Hardison and a rock-n-roll performance by California band, The Ugly Kids. Her name is BADMOUTH, and shes about to unleash HELL!

Having a long line of replacements always pays off, and you can never have too many major stars.A female surgeon working at a decrepit hospital gets tangled in a surreal web of intrigue and murder in this intense thriller from director Robert Golden. Rich, powerful and decadent to the core, he has built an empire of drugs and perversion around him while inspiring young fans around the world to commit suicide through his subversive lyrics.When the Devil herself sees all the depravity Belcebus music has inflicted, she offers him the gift of eternal life as a rock and roll god.Not even the might of the Hype Machine can determine what the public's tastes are going to be and while it can be powerful, it requires a certain delicacy of touch; trying hard to make someone the Next Big Thing is a very good way of making the public sick of them very quickly.Still, the very existence of Hollywood and the television industry depends on fresh young talent.

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Only Mani, Belcebus scorned groupie ex-girlfriend, stands in the way of Belcebus twisted plans for world domination. Volume 2 of "The Best of Tromadance" features over 3 hours of the best short films from the Tromadance film festival including Mondo Ford, Cheese Theatre Live at an Aquacade, Arrowhead Beer and exclusive special features filmed at the Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, Utah!

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