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They are interested in sending you on any date so they can say they have fulfilled their promise.There were long periods of time between each presented "match". I reported my experience to BBB but still out 00 and mad at myself for getting scammed.It was so bad I started crying and was afraid after the last date to trust them with another. Hope this can help someone, don't want others to get into the mess I did.:( They prey on the busy, vulnerable are a big scammer and such unethical way to do business .

I have plan to take them to court for their misrepresentation . I have consistently complained and they refuse to give me any kind of refund.

Truly, I would not have understood about the hub areas in the contract and I took this woman at her word, which turned out to be a lie. After a quick speech on how any self respecting woman should be wildly insulted at even the thought of paying for lunch, I politely hung up. Yes, I agree everyone who posted negatively about It's just luch dating service.

It took about 6 months before they contacted me to let me know they had a date for me in Santa Monica, Ca for a dinner date. The price is not important, what is important is finding males for you to meet face to face for lunch. In the two hours since, I have had this exact conversation with at least two more idiots because the idiots call and call and never stop! it's 00 for six months and *maybe* SIX lunches at best; then these lunches don't come with any rare jewels or stocks and bonds or frequent flyer miles or anything. They are beyond awful and they need to be out of business.

I joined IJL in Jan 2016 and paid 00 for six months and four dates. At this point I had been on the phone for ten and after twenty, the conversation had not moved any closer to lunch. Now that my contract has expired, they refuse to make an effort to resolve the issue.

The woman who signed me up told me my dates would be in San Luis Obispo which is in the area where I live. Also the stupid, stupid woman still had not even hinted at a price! Please, please, if anyone has made a claim/lawsuit against IJL in California, I would like to be a part of it.

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