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As Nitro Girl, Van Vugt felt like an adrenalized version of herself, a role she rarely had the luxury to turn off.But on set, by becoming someone else, she felt free to be Jolene.With Van Vugt still inside, the barrel slams onto the concrete 5 feet below, and the video fades to black.

He started inviting her to video shoots for Nitro Circus, his group of action sports athletes.

A motocross champion and the first female member of Nitro Circus, she has launched a new career as a Hollywood stuntwoman.

And as she looks in her bathroom mirror and washes away the gloss, she admits she doesn't know which Jolene the reflection will reveal.

That backflip is Nitro Girl's signature move, the trick that started it all.

In July 2005, Van Vugt visited motocross icon Travis Pastrana at his Maryland home, where he told her he'd been looking -- unsuccessfully -- for a female rider to learn the backflip.

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Still, Struthers and Nolan were determined, partly because SAG-AFTRA rules stipulate that directors "make every effort to cast qualified persons of the same sex and or race" as the character for which they double.

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