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The south east has just five, while it accounts for only 96 of Nigeria’s 774 local governments.

Representation in government and the flow of federal resources are based on these administrative units.

During the Biafra War, all other groups rallied round the federal government.

The conflict killed about two million people, mostly Igbo, and more died during post-war riots and conflicts in the north.

As the president-general of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, , Nnia Nwodo said, Igbo youth “have passed a vote of no confidence in us their fathers”.

In November 2015, he issued a “serious warning” that: “The corporate existence of Nigeria as a single entity is not a subject of debate and will not be compromised”.

On another occasion, he said: “For Nigeria to divide now…it is better for all of us to jump into the sea and get drowned”.

They now see their fears confirmed by some government actions.

For example, when the domestic intelligence agency the Department of State Services recruited recently, it hired just 44 new employees from the south east compared to 165 from the north west.

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Some northern leaders have argued that the Igbo were targeted because of their entrepreneurial success not their ethnicity, but such explanations offer no consolation.

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