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Chapter 1 - Abolishing Amy's Inhibitions It was love at first site when David met Amy, an 18 year old virgin freshman at the university the year he was graduating.Amy was a very attractive slim 5'4" beauty with auburn haired, having a girl next door look.Then her parents suddenly died in a car accident a year ago, at the same time she found out that she couldn't have children.She never told David about not being able to have kids.

Having other sluts to satisfy his needs, he didn't mind giving her time. Once she was engaged and sure of him, she finally surrendered to his advances and had sex for the first time. David was a lot more experienced then her and slowly taught her the pleasures of sex. The good news was only having him as a sex partner, his 6" cock seemed huge to her tight eager pussy. Loving her beauty and persona, David put up with her dislikes concerning sex.

David took it and put it in the trunk of his new S class Benz. She held him and gave him a kiss sensually saying, "I brought a few outfits along honey including the white sun dress, but I wanted to be comfortable on the ride over." He smiled and said, "Okay!

" But he actually was thinking about playing with her pussy as they drove over, like he used to do years ago. He got in the car and began the arduous journey to Vegas.

Volunteering to help freshman become acquainted with the campus, was his way to check out the new girls for possible love connection. Making a deal with another volunteer, they swapped groups and he got his wish.

Or as he put it to his frat buddies, a way to get dibs on the new sluts that arrive. The first week of orientation David made a special effort to help Amy with campus life, trying to get to know her.

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