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Again and again, context is lost to insipid foreground concerns.When Max -- who should never have dropped out of school -- is drafted, he and his fellow fuckingnewguys are beset by a squad of jarheads (done up in Taymorian puppet-masks), pounding and pushing them into bodily contortions as all sing "I Want You" (a sequence cleverly introduced at the induction center with an Uncle Sam finger-pointing poster).Such structural spottiness -- great numbers punctuating humdrum character arcs -- is hardly unusual in a musical.Still, it's a special problem for Prudence, whose remaining screen-time is all letdown.When she's not taking time out for walrus-tripping (with Bono as a carnival-barkerish drug-dispensing "doctor" and Eddie Izzard wasted as a leader of circus-tented pranksters), Lucy's quandary is crucially connected to her brother's.But Across the Universe can't keep all its balls in the air.Jim Sturgess is an English actor, singer and a songwriter, born in Wandsworth, London.He attends Frensham Heights School and graduated from the University of Salford.

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But they are also disconnected and, perhaps most exasperating, gimmicky.

The tricks begin with names and places, as if the film is a puzzle offered to serious Beatles fans, a game to figure out.

The camera pans and cranes over chaos, with fires, looters, and broken windows serving as bleak background for a young boy, hunched behind a destroyed automobile, just waiting to become the motivation for Jojo's departure.

Indeed, following a gorgeous funeral featuring gospel singers and "Let It Be," he's on his way to the city, where he'll find work in Sadie's band, love in her arms, and -- most tragically -- relegation to supporting cast member.

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