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In 2006, Bell starred in and co-produced an independent film called Drifting Elegant. That same year, Bell guest-starred in an episode of the UPN comedy series Girlfriends in an episode entitled "The Game", which served as the pilot episode for the CW comedy-drama series of the same name.

Bell stars as Jason Pitts, the captain of the fictional San Diego Sabers football team.

Six foot two inches tall, green-eyed, sporting bushy yet sculpted dreadlocks, and straddling the worlds of drama and avant-garde music, Dourdan commented to Ebony magazine, "I've always tried to be unconventional as much as I possibly could..thing I'm trying to do with my career and with my craft is to blur the lines between what people think African-Americans should play and what I'm doing.

He began his career with a few minor roles in various shows including The Parent 'Hood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER and Smart Guy, before landing a thirteen episode stint as Patrick Owen in L. During the series' run, he co-starred in Safe, a critically acclaimed play co-written by Third Watch co-star Anthony Ruivivar.

Of course, having long box braids had its own set of challenges but they were still so fun to rock that I can’t wait to throw some braids in there again ASAP. There are even some out there that you probably have never even heard of!

If you’re curious about rocking some braids soon, then you need to know exactly what kind you want to get without getting your Marley Twists and your Senegalese Twists mixed up.

They were recently sported by Zendaya and they look Marley twists use hair that looks a lot like natural afro textured hair, which separates it from a lot of other braiding styles which use smoother textured synthetic hair.

Marley twists use the two strand braiding method, which makes it resemble a dreadlock (hence, Marley twists).

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He also appeared in the Amazon original series Mad Dogs.

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