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Talk to any psychiatrist and they'll tell you that.Some people manage to not let their families and how they were raised taint their views on others, but more often than not, this is not the case.It's definitely something people in general tend to notice and to a certain degree care about. I could use the same argument and still say the opposite I have known black men from Africa, from Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria, arabians, turks, italiens etc. and none of them have ever given a damn about race.If at all, then it's the families who force them to marry women from their own race, culture or religion.I told him to not worry, if he really loves her, nobody in this world can do a butter about it, they will have to deal with his decision and they will cause now even his mother seems ok with it.Some men are weak and will be forced to do what others tell or expect them to do but many are strong enough to do what they feel is right fro them. That is why there is so much racial tension even now.Maybe it's different in the US, especially between blacks. I have heard that black men allegedly avoid black women for some reason, I just have never experienced this with anybody I know. Most people in this country in general are at least partially focused on race and ethnic backgrounds. Anyway, knowing that you're not American from the beginning could have saved me a lot of time. They use us as loopholes so that Black women won't clown them for following all the way through and actually dating a white woman.

Sure, it's completly stupid but it's what works on most of the cases due to human psychology. Still, I think there is a way to improve ourselves and become better at it. The moment we knew we loved someone, we won't act like that. The sad thing is I don't believe most Aquas actually want to play this kind of game. I don't believe in hurting others when it comes to love. No one can completly control the way others perceive them. She also never had a normal relationship, just like me, but that still doesn't make her a bad person. I would never call her evil or anything negative but thats only because I might have a rough idea of why she did it. I mean, being in a rs for 7 years would mean a lot for a Gem, unless you did something else. She came back to me because of one of her Facebook comments I liked. The way humans handle the affairs of love are deeply flawed and lacks reflection.My theory is that the merely came to the conclusion that no one would want them for the basic human being they are and, after observing how people act around them, realized that the power game is an essential part of love. Sometimes it's only the warped perspective of others and you, be it Aqua or Gem, did nothing wrong. I just have no more faith with Aqua when it comes to rs wise. My Leo moon can't do that kind of games all of the time. There is a reason for everything and it's up to at least 50% to us how we can help the other person to overcome fears and make the relationship work. I was together with my ex Aqua husband for a decade. I met some like that, but imo, Gem and Aqua are not good together. I don't see how air and air can work well when it comes to rs. After that the story continued for another 3 years. I don't see what could be so problematic about that. Sure, it's completly stupid but it's what works on most of the cases due to human psychology. Still, I think there is a way to improve ourselves and become better at it. The moment we knew we loved someone, we won't act like that. But true, there's always ways for us to improve ourselves and be better at it. Don't do what we don't want others to do to us and all will be good. That was the issue I've had while dealing with the Aqua men and I don't like it.

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I am not the aloof or distant type of Gemini and I gave my all if I am so into you. You would call me crazy if you knew what I did for that man but let's just leave it at that. I even met one with a Cap moon who ask me out for a date when he's already in a rs with a Leo. - I wanted to talk with her because I needed some emotional comfort for the first time in my life and hanged up the call after the first 90 sec. He was going back and forth with me and his ex fiancee, a Libra and have a huge number of others too. I'm not perfect but my expectation when it comes to love aren't even difficult. If you can't even do that, don't ever be in a rs or marriage. Is it okay for them to be so but not for the Aqua or male partner. One thing that made me suspicious so gar when it comes to Gemini is that they have a lot of expectations and ideas how something should work but most are unwilling to give those rights to the other person as well or come up with ideas how it could work.

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