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She comes back later with butterflies, accidentally making Kazune-kun faint.Kazune starts training Karin, but she has trouble keeping up with his regimen.Meanwhile, Kirio tells Kirika that the festival is a perfect opportunity for them, but Kirika is hesitant.Kirika has arrived at the festival and is searching for Karin.Karin learns that if she is one of the bottom twenty on the next test, she's going to be kicked out of Sakuragaoka.Kazune agrees to help Karin study, but she must not only deal with his study sessions, but the Kazune-Z and Kirio as well.Together they get trapped in the past because of the door of chaos.

She manages to get a cute outfit, and invites Kirika to come to the cafe.

On the other hand, Karin has switched her outfit with Himeka's sumo outfit and must run from Kirika so as not to embarrass herself.

As she runs, Kazune helps her by letting her wear his outfit and in the end, Karin dances with her "prince".

This article contains the episode listing for all the animation produced for Kamichama Karin.

Note that none of the English translations are official titles.

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She begins school at Seiei Sakuragaoka, but becomes depressed when she realizes she does not know much about Kazune or Himeka.

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