Dating liars

I love how Twin Spencer is just out to get her own in between making people’s lives hell.89.

” – FAMOUS LAST WORDS CALEB, don’t you remember how speedily she changed clothes in the passageway on the way to the bell tower?! This sexy Spencer coming onto Toby in the hotel room is definitely the twin.86. I’m trying to look for clues but all I can see is sex! Poor Toby, this is the SECOND time he’s been raped on this show.88.

those babies do not look like they are related to Emily. I can’t believe these girls have raised twins who look about six-to-eight months old, and have no idea who the father is.

Or just planning a stupid secret Emison wedding that I don’t care about? Pam’s acting like she’s gonna die, if anyone dies this episode, please don’t let it be POOR, INNOCENT PAM.

Why did her doctor call her in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and give this information over the phone?

Spencer’s waking up to a mirror image, it’s totally foreshadowing.

Yep the evil laugh, there we go, TWINCER IS REAL PEOPLE.

I am shook they ran with the “Mona went insane” storyline. A lot of dark shit went down at the Lost Woods Resort, and now it’s a fun place to hang out? “All I know is I need to pack for the south of France.” OK so... She was a valued member of the gang at one point.32.

Surely Hanna could have brought Mona along as a plus one.

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