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The rest of MÁV's passenger network remained steam based with slow pre-war locomotives and 3rd class "wooden bench" carriages (called in Hungarian, a name nowadays applied to low cost airlines).

In the early 1930s almost all Hungarian branch line operators went bankrupt because of the Great Depression.

As many existing railway lines crossed Hungary's new borders, most of these branch lines were abandoned.

On the main lines new border stations had to be constructed with customs facilities and locomotive service.

These, however, usually only constructed the lines, then made a contract with MÁV to operate them.

This date is regarded as the birth date of the Hungarian railways.In 1890 most large private railway companies were nationalized as a consequence of their poor management, except the strong Austrian-owned Kaschau-Oderberg Railway (Ks Od) and the Austrian-Hungarian Southern Railway (SB/DV).They also joined the zone tariff system, and remained successful until the end of World War I when Austria-Hungary collapsed.Because of relatively high prices the traffic density was considerably lower in Hungary than in other countries.To change this the Interior Minister, Gábor Baross, introduced the zone tariff system in 1889.

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The notation specifies the number of driven axles and the maximum axle load of the locomotive.

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