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In February, 2016 I opened my own private clinic of sexology and couple's therapy in Ringkøbing.

I work through counselling and therapy in English as well as Danish.

Join us for a powerful and humorous lecture on how to date in Denmark seen from a male and female perspective.

You will be guided through the “do’s and don’ts” of courting and be presented with a few tricks to make contact, which will make the Danish dating scene much more approachable.

We live in a time where options are open and choice is free. The Danish men no longer burn and pillage the nunneries, and they equally share the burden of housework and taking care of their children.

But they do like a night on the town and sometimes struggle to find a balance between the caring father/partner and the inner Viking trying to break free.

Her findes 6 hytter med plads til 6 personer i hver, og 50 pladser til campingvogne eller telt.

Der er adgang til gode faciliteter, og hunde er velkommen på pladsen.

"The author and the artist makes a perfect companinonship"- Lisbeth Smedegaard Andersen, Weekendavisen."Now he has done it again, Bigum... His medium was light, not painted, but used as an artform in itself.

Martin in front of his five new paintings ordered by The New Carlsberg Foundation especially for Marselisborg Gymnasium in Aarhus in Denmark.

Three other artists also got their separate rooms; Julie Nord, Katrine Ærtebjerg and Jesper Christiansen.

Reception at Marselisborg Gymnasium, Tuesday the 23rd of May, 2017, hrs.

Out now, April, 2017: The Last Days Of The Rabbi is a free interpretation of the history of the Jewish preacher Josua ben Josef, better known as Jesus of Nazaret.

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Currently, dating has grown into a life style, and the impossible has been made possible whether you are looking for love or just a casual fling. What is the code we are trying to crack, and the name of the game if you want to throw yourself into the fast-moving dating market? A proper relationship with the aim of establishing a family? And even though she is no longer surrounded by Vikings, she can still be dangerous.

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