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It is a narrow mountain chain, 1300 kilometer long and running from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

While Mont Blanc’s standing as Europe’s highest mountain has long been overthrown, Etna remains on its pedestal, and its label as the tallest volcano within continental Europe is confirmed by sources as authorative as the BBC, Yahoo, and crossword365

The one usually mentioned is the Greater Caucasus, but 100 kilometer to the south between Georgia and Armenia is a second chain, 600 kilometer long, called the Lesser Caucasus.

The whole area remains tectonically active: there are numerous earthquakes, mostly minor but not invariably so.

Both Aragats and Ararat are Asian volcanoes, whilst Elbrus is counted as European.

Of course this depends on where the border between Asia and Europe is assumed to be, which to some degree is an arbitrary choice.

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