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So I thought I’d tell you about the experience men have when they’re trying to “date like a grownup.” If you’ve read my e Book, you know that I believe strongly that empathizing with men is absolutely essential to your dating and relationship success.The definition of empathy is “the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings.Her life isn’t going the way she wants and she just can’t figure out why.

The Sexpot The Sexpot is all about putting out the sex vibe.

She’s looking for her guy to be interesting, keep her laughing, ask her all about herself, and give her butterflies…all on the first date. That man then makes a poor impression (understandably), and the date is chalked up to another “he just wasn’t right for me” experience.

The Wow Me Woman is often single for a very, very long time.

This “I’m never going to find a good relationship” gal leaves men unable to get any traction during courting or in a relationship.

The wall she has erected is just too high for him to climb in order to get to the other side.

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When he passes those tests or shows he has feelings for her, she questions it and might up the ante.

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