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Epaiial attention givoo to Dresaod Cc, Live Stock and Provision. In all seo ions 09 tw uu-, eipeciaiiy in vne Xl'i . THLSE 3ITTEB, m arenotoftered to the publi medicine that will cure all -ills tba esh is heir to." but they are an honest, reliable, remedial agent, an are au efficient and agreeable regu- iator of the system. Tbey esiec Mly call the attention of the afflicted to the following named diseases: Congbs, Colds, Croup, Consumption, pd the most distressing of all diseases the Asthma or Phthisic and all other complaints of the iiouth. Lunjrs and Heart, Also dis- sesof tbe Stomach, Liver, Kidaeys, Spleen, Bladder ard Bowels, such as Dyspepsia, which is a very distressing complaint.

the District Court in and for tha Ccsnty ef Scott, and State ot Iowa, ' Negns, Oaborn A Laa 1 1. Our Catalogue of these will be sent to any ad dreas on receipt of stamp. vurea xieaaacne immediately ana was never known to fail. Sweet's Infallible Llnlaent Affords immediate relief for Piles, and seldom fails to euro. Sweet's Infallible Liniment Cures Toothache in one minute. Sweet's infallible Liniment Cures Cuts and Wounds immediately and leave no scar. Sweet's Infallible Liniment Is tbe best remedy far Sores in tht known world. Sweet's Infallible Liniment Has boon used by aoro than a million people, aad all praise it. sweet's Iifillible Liniment Is truly a 'friend in need," and every famil should have it at hand. Swret'g Ifr MUble Llimnt Is for sale by all Druggist. After twenty years study and r raetiee oa tho anatomy of tbo foot, of which time bo has spe-it eleven years under tho superia of tho best Veterinarians n Europe, ho wuhes to ay tbat be will ive satisfaction to all persons having horses laboring nnder tbo d Ueea ofoora. m,r, J tracks, rprains of tho corns, founders, ring-bones and spavins, for all of wbicb bo warrants a per- leot cure ir curable. MRU and lls MK for I Buffalo, New fork, Toronto, Ogdensbu Jg, ioa traai. These Bitters are the poor man's friend, saving bim many doctor bills, ll . i AA wtu u uii ncu mini ivutuc Tyylitb nd comfort ; invigorating the weak Aa E and debilitated, driving awav mel- lp CJf ancholy, making a life of oiisery on ytt These Bitter have been introduo-' AAr S ed and are beins used, not only in v s9 hehosnitala. C C00E, Chicago, GH Agent Sult t wholesale in Chicago by FULLER, JNCU& FULLER, and all Druggists. vr turn oc-a ia Laxn, WISHES TO INFORM THE CIl -x-V swa of Dafeoport and Scott f( County generally that ho has per-U Jf manentiy located himself in thiaoity where ho U auoa uorses on too sciontille priaei-Plea. DAY EXPRESS, NIGHT EXPRESS AND Stock Express eonnoat at Detroit -with al O . These Bittersara scientifically pre pared, and are n ade of a rare combination ef Kaou, Plants, Ilerbs, Barks aad Reeds which have been fcunf most effectual by long medical experience, to possess tba requsi-rite Tonic Properties is relieving and CUKIXU the above complaints. It is the only sure and safe preventative against contracting disease ever invented. Tba nerves are ofteo diseased and Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout and Paralysis are distressing complains. It is perfeotly safe and never fails to give satisfaction. liarrhaei, Dysentary Cons'.ipation or oiia inued estiveneas This'lat-ter aiese most alwtya preiac'ttcs - IEPIIq aa.d f is Btula, Which ia treated with marked aucies without reso ting to cutting with the knife.

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  1. Det er klart, at du lige skal lære de forskellige dele af dig selv at kende, blive tryg ved dem og finde en god og praktisk balance mellem dem, men eftersom din udvidede bevidsthed er en fantastisk guide … Helhedsperspektivet er (ligesom alt andet der virkelig er vigtigt) ganske enkelt: det går ud på at se alting som helheder i balance.