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Meaning, if you like being on your hands and knees you can attach it to your wall and back on to it!

You can put it lower – and get the hands and knees experience – or you can put it higher and bend and bounce!

This stud has a generous shaft and a strong suction cup for the most intense ride of your life!

At a filling 8", Maximus is sure to please you in every way possible!

Just remember to remove the toy or your next dinner party could be very interesting!

One of the absolute best places to use a suction cup dildo is on the side of the bathtub!

Either way, you control the depth and the speed of the whole play!

If you are lucky enough to have a wooden or smooth surfaced headboard you can attach your toy to it and either back on to it (like the doggy style) or, you can lay flat, and spread your legs or place them straight up and use the toy this way. Well, stick your new friend on the floor and either literally “sit” on it, or squat and bounce!

You can experiment with different scenarios that please you both.This can then be “stuck” to the wall, side of the bathtub, headboard, floor – pretty much any smooth surface.There are many options – big ones, small ones, realistic ones, vibrating ones, waterproof – you desire it, you can find it in a suction cup model.The tapered head will stimulate your g-spot for dripping wet orgasms!The generously veined shaft will caress you inner walls while you climax again and again!

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If you are like many women, you very much enjoy riding your man, particularly while he is seated on a chair or couch. If you have wooden dining room chairs you just stick and sit!

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