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Herrera also reportedly shot his mother, Maria Rosita Gallegos, 49, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but was taken off life support and died on June 16.

After leaving his family home in La Madera, authorities say that Herrera then went to Tres Piedras, New Mexico, where he killed Michael Kyte, 61, a retired archaeologist, at his home and stole his truck.

Arcade Gannon is the son of an Enclave officer, born in Navarro in 2246, four years after the destruction of the Poseidon Oil Rig.

His father died while Arcade was still an infant, killed in combat on an away mission.

One even tries to stun the accused murderer with a Taser but it didn't stop Herrera from continuing to fight.Now police are attempting to have the man accused of killing three of his family members and two strangers transferred to a prison for the safety of the community.In the filmed escape attempt that took seven minutes, Herrera managed to trap a jail guard in his cell after complaining that his toilet was broken, reported KOAT.The surveillance video begins by showing an on-duty guard entering into Herrera's cell to check on the 'broken toilet', with Herrera slowly wandering outside the room.Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan added to KOAT: 'He told one of the guards that was on duty that his toilet wasn't working.

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However, an Espanola Police Department officer injured his elbow during the fight.

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