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The ustaz probably has a lot of faith in some male employers. The best advise was when Ustaz Azhar said that it was haram for a Muslim girl to make friends with Muslim men, and warned that Muslim women should only make friends with other women.

He said, “Making friends with other women is alright.

Then I get to continue listening to it online in my office!

Listening to this channel really helps putting my life into perspective.

Orang ramai boleh bertanya soalan secara terus dan dijawab secara spontan.

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There goes my dating plans for Valentine’s Day in seven weeks time. Shall I say, Ustaz Azhar gave me permission for this friendship?

I thought clerics in Malaysia were against same sex relationships?

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In this app, you will also get to see videos, snippets of him giving his talks which is relevant in today's society.

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