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The chemistry between them that is evident from the very first episode is validated once more with this scene.They give up seeking out Petrovsky and take a romantic stroll in Paris.Big chases after her, asking her what that was all about.He teases her about moving to Paris with a Russian and then tries to tell her that she's "The One." Carrie becomes infuriated and tells him that he cannot hurt her again.When she rejects him, he asks her for drinks and is surprised to be rejected again.It seems the tables have turned and he is now the one feeling needy.Big then disappears until the second installment of the finale, "An American Girl in Paris Part Deux." Carrie is distraught and unhappy in her relationship with Alexandr.

She explains that she is moving to Paris with a man that she's in a relationship with.She explains that she has been enduring his games for six years and makes it clear that she can no longer take it.She wonders if he has some kind of radar that lets him know she is happy so he can "swoop in and shit all over it." She tells him to forget where she lives and forget he even knows her name.The series finale takes place over 2 episodes in which Carrie moves to Paris with her current boyfriend, Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov).In the first half of the finale, "An American Girl in Paris Part Une", Big shows up outside Carrie's apartment in New York after she fails to return his phone calls.

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