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To win, the 31-year-old Bartlett man needed to weigh less than 269 pounds, almost half his starting weight of 526 pounds. At a recent breast cancer marathon, his new physique attracted wolf whistles from female admirers. But aside from the ego boost and the excitement of fitting into pants with a 38-inch waist, Ventrella hasn’t found a way to capitalize on his celebrity.The numbers on the scale flipped wildly back and forth, then stopped at 262. His prize money is long gone, half to the taxman and the rest to paying off his student loans, credit cards, and truck loan.After high school, he attended the College of Du Page and then transferred to Columbia College Chicago, where he majored in marketing.Later, he began working as a DJ and spent six years performing at Medusa, a nightclub in Elgin. Surrounded by booze and bar snacks while he jammed, he regularly chowed down on fast food on his way home in the early-morning hours.Well, it turns out that in the weight-loss world, reality kicks in when the reality show ends.On a late summer day, Ventrella, sporting a red bandanna around his forehead and wearing a Superman T-shirt, sips a glass of water in Marino’s Pizzeria & Italian Cafe in west suburban Wood Dale.Ventrella knows that maintaining his relatively svelte physique is critical if he is going to turn his status into cash. It’s inevitable I’m going to be gaining weight,” he says.After four months, he has regained more than 20 pounds, but he says he isn’t as focused on keeping his weight down as he is on building muscle. “The one thing that does terrify me is not being able to support myself or support the ability to go out and help people.” It’s not that Ventrella hasn’t tried to turn his 15 minutes of fame into a living.

It’s part of the contract he signed as a contestant; he receives only a modest per diem rate, plus expenses.It’s a cozy spot where he and his cousin used to hang out when they were kids.(His uncle and the restaurant’s owner are partners in a construction company.) No doubt the generous portions at Marino’s—along with the Italian home cooking of Ventrella’s mother, Maria—played a role in his relentless weight gain over the years. A heaping serving of homemade ravioli in vodka sauce can be augmented with meatballs, sausage, or chicken, and the Saturday special is Cheesy Beef, a sandwich on garlic bread—served with fries on the side, of course. Even aside from the bountiful meals, nature, it seems, stacked the deck against him from the start.He has also created a low-fat barbecue sauce and says his spicy peanut sauce is to die for. Even if it is, the chance of his products muscling their way into the hypercompetitive world of grocery shelf space is slim.says his winners may not maintain their celebrity as easily as the winners of performance-based reality shows, but he points to several who have managed well.

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