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Even though small talk can feel boring, soul-sucking, and awkward, it actually serves as valuable social lubricant to make conversation easier.

You can also be the change you wish to see in the world of small talk by asking better questions.

The fatty, tender end pieces of the brisket were originally throwaway scraps, until legendary pitmasters at Arthur Bryant’s began selling these meat candy cubes in the 1970s.

You’ll have no problem gorging yourself on the blue ribbon-brisket at Q39 or the hallowed burnt-end sandwich at SLAP’s (an acronym for “squeal like a pig”).

It probably doesn’t help that our president eats his beef well-done and with a side of ketchup. DC chefs like Aaron Silverman, Jeremiah Langhorne, Marjorie Meek-Bradley, Erik Bruner-Yang, and José Andrés have become foodie-household names.

Meanwhile, monolithic restaurateurs and chefs are creeping into DC too.

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