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The Kindle is a device for reading digital (e-books), which has lately helped move the comic market by offering an alternative to printed books to a more convenient and inexpensive version.

At least this statement is true for Americans who are awaiting the release of Kindle DX that promises even more features (including larger screen).

She rocks all the right books and jams ❤ Beth, once again, thank you for the tag! I could say historical romance, but that is also not right.

The taboo levels varied according to the times, but no couple was safe – I hope you are seeing a pattern here, haha! I was 13, I think, and totally ignored the big 18 on manga covers since I was 8, so you can imagine my face-fall as I reached volume 2 and the male protagonists had sex. Actually, I have already been there with Jess, from the Mud and Stars! All those questions have the same answer: despite being highly enjoyable, I NEED TO DO IT, LMAO.

that was 5 and a half hours of thinking what on earth this tattoo could be.

When it came to the reveal I was in utter shock.''Why do it?

If I’m reading contemporary romances and it is all about the couple getting together with some insecurity drama to it, I just don’t feel like reading it. But a LGBT couple has yet to deal with a lot of shit from society – many times, from their own homes. Now, imagine the taboo levels for two men in love with each other when they can barely choose the women to hold their hearts? I’ve been a book lover from the crib, with no particular trigger to my adoration.

This sense of forbidden love makes me pin harder for them, in hopes that, one day, those labels won’t matter anyone and love can be truly free. However, what truly awakened the gay romance lover in me wasn’t a book, but a manga series called Gravitation, by Maki Murakami.

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